In line with new guidelines provided by our professional governing body, we are able to reopen the clinic and provide treatment for all type of Podiatric needs, however we do require you to complete our triage forms and submit ahead of your appointment.


Preparing for and attending your appointment 1. We will require you to wash your hands upon entering the clinic and before leaving (or with alcohol handgel) 2. Please arrive minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes before your appointment and we will take you straight into a ready made clinical room to help us with social distance . 3. Please bring a facemask/ or suitable face coverings whilst at the clinic/premises 4. 2 metres distance will be maintained whenever possible. 5. Attend the appointment on your own if possible, unless they are an essential carer/guardian etc 6. Please be prepared to make payment by card or exact amount in cash.

Finally a big thank you to every one of you who have stood with us through what has been a very challenging time for all of us. Thank you for choosing us again, please know that your support to the business means so much to us - it is a great joy to be able to re-open and best of all to be able to provide you with your footcare.

Video Consultations

Enjoy the freedom of Circle podiatry’s integrated video consultations. No matter where we are—or where our patients are—we can set up online appointments and move forward with treatments as may be appropriate.

What are video consultations?

Also known as ‘telehealth’, video consults allow us to care for our patients through online appointments. Just like in our clinic, we are able to perform examinations, recommend treatments, and offer follow-up care—all through a secure, high-quality video and audio connection.


How it works

Patients can book an appointment by phone or by using our online booking system. You will get a confirmation email with a link that lets you easily jump into the call. That way, when their appointment time arrives, all the patient needs to do is follow the link, and they’ll be whisked away to the virtual treatment room where we join them. No login or password is required—just one click and you’re set up and speaking with the Podiatrist!

It really is that easy. And it’s simple for you, too!

Security and compliance

All video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption and meet the same strict privacy and security standards. You can rest easy knowing your consultations are kept between just you and your podiatrist.

We keeps your records safe, and all of our features are designed to meet the data protection regulations, Privacy Principles and GDPR.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as leading provider of quality Podiatry care in the UK by our patients, our team and our colleagues.

Our vision is to lead the way in raising awareness on the importance of foot health through education at an early stage, right from childhood to adulthood.

Our Core Values

We believe in deep and lasting relationships which help our patients to achieve what’s important to them. These relationships are based on a strong set of values that apply across every aspect of Circle Podiatry

Our team here at Circle Podiatry adhere to strict standards of practice, treating all people with sensitivity, professionalism and care. No single patient is more important than any other.


We combine experience with technology to provide accurate results in our diagnostics and treatment programmes.


We take ownership for our decisions, and work with you to succeed together in achieving your dreams, what ever they might be.


Our focus is working to gain your trust and maintain a positive relationship with you- relationships flourish when underpinned by integrity!

Positive Attitude:

We believe that a positive attitude is critical to the successful outcome of any activity.

Our Ethos

Circle Podiatry exists to provide quality foot care to all its clients.

We aim to educate and raise awareness of foot health issues for the general public from early childhood through to old age.

We adhere to strict standards of practice, treating all people with sensitivity, professionalism and care. No single client is more important than any other!

Your foot health is of paramount importance to us, whatever your walk of life - be it top class athlete, teacher, child, A-List Celeb, police officer, builder or premiership footballer, you can be assured you will be treated as an individual with your treatment plan tailored to your needs.

We provide treatment for a wide range of foot and ankle problems, from a simple ingrown toe nail through to a limb threatening diabetic foot complication.

Our Podiatrists have more than 40 years combined experience in assessing and treating Podiatric conditions. They are committed to continuous professional development and regularly exceed the required number of hours of further training.

What ever your foot problem, you can rely on us for all your family foot care!

Our Promise To You

We promise to work with you from the start to the end, always putting you the patient first , whatever your dreams, goals and wishes may be, whether it is to be able to enjoy walks again, participate in your favorite sport, or maybe just gaining a little bit more independence being able to get out shopping. Whatever you may be seeking to achieve, we will endeavor to explore all the possible options that may be available to you, to ensure that we reach a resolve, and that your dreams can be achieved!

We promise to treat all our patients with respect, dignity and care.

In as much as we try to keep appointment waiting times to a minimum, sometimes due to a patients individual problem, this may not always be possible, however, we promise to keep you informed in this situation.

Our Team

Peter & Tina Allton

Circle Podiatry was founded in September 2000 by Tina & Peter Allton.

Peter, having been practicing in the NHS for some 13 years previously has always pursued excellence to ensure that his patients receive the best of treatment outcomes.

Together they have led their team to win no fewer than 12 business awards since 2008.

Peter is a qualified Podiatrist with over 30 years clinical experience. He is also the published author of the book Undefeeted by diabetes.

Tina is a qualified educational psychologist and has been managing the clinic since 2005 together with Peter and later in 2011, Oxted Podiatry Center.

Peter and Tina’s true passion in life was born out of some life challenges that led to them committing to giving back to the world. These challenges included initially Peter’s diagnosis with type 2 diabetes followed by their 11 year old daughter’s diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes in 2011 . Their first hand experience of the disease coupled with their professional experience of just how devastating it can be to a person’s feet, led them to a deep conviction that it was not acceptable that 1 person every 20 seconds was undergoing a lower limb amputation as a direct of diabetes.

Liliya Kirova

A seasoned receptionist here at Circle Podiatry, branch Oxted. Her role as a receptionist is to meet people (patients or not) , make them feel welcomed and comfortable while waiting for their appointment, answer their questions and sometimes explain some of the procedures.

She's also your first point of contact for answering incoming calls and setting appointments.

Her hobby includes walking innature, reading, watching movies, and of course learn new things.

Liliya is never afraid of new challenges and feels extremely happy whenever she succeeds every challenge.

She has a son whom she loves very much and enjoys spending lots of time with him.

When Liliya isn't looking after you at the clinic, her obvious number one priority changes to her son!

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