When you attend for your appointment the first time, we do an *initial assessment of your feet which will include a foot health check.

This focuses on visible changes such as skin cancer, fungal infections, malignant melanomas, your circulatory status, pulses and nerve functions as these can highlight the early stages of diseases.

The initial assessment enables the Podiatrist to diagnose and determine the right treatment plan and or advice to be discussed with you prior to treatment commencing on the day.

When you call the reception, we will be able to discuss in more details your individual needs, advice on fees and book the appropriate appointment for you.

The Podiatrist will discuss any further tests /consultations /referrals and or treatment tailored to your individual needs so that you are completely happy to proceed with your consultation and or treatment.

In some cases, after the initial assessment, further tests may be required before a treatment plan can be started or concluded. In either case, the Podiatrist will inform you of the extra costs involved. First appointments, generally can last up to 40 minutes.

Sometimes due to a clients individual needs and or complications arising from the consultation, not every treatment required can be offered on the day. If this is the case, our podiatrist will inform you as to his reasons/concerns and what the next steps will be.

We also offer diabetic foot assessment as part of the first appointment for those who may be diabetic.

*Initial assessments excludes routine treatment/ analysis or reports.

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